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A brand is more than the sum total of id, copy, photography and presentation. A brand grows between the interactions of each visual medium, each representation, every word written on its behalf. SGD has worked with companies of all sizes, creating brand strategy from start to finish and highlighting a path through which a brand can grow and thrive. Our work is a strategic outgrowth of brand culture and brand intent.

We know the work required to find where your brand fits, what its most important elements are, how to build it, how to grow it and how to best represent it. We have strong ties in outdoor, active and non-traditional sport with experience at their highest levels. Our research can help you to understand the inherent strengths in your brand, the pieces of your culture that will best resonate with its culture so strategically you can push these elements forward through distinct design.

We can help you piece together where to put your attention, when and with which resources. We know how to create brand strength using media, design, partnerships and products. With unrivaled experience working across multiple platforms (business-to-consumer, business-to-business, media and public relations) our strategic insights can help you find clarity for your brand across a wide array of channels.

Research is the what, strategy is the why, and development is the how. Using clear and concise design, we collaborate with you to determine how to develop your brand.


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