We listen. We study. We pay attention. In creating design for you, the message, first and foremost has to be yours.

We don’t slot work into a simple template, a basic design machine or a single direction. We look for the design avenues that best reflect you and your work. We try to create something that feels right when you see it, that tells the story you want to tell, that shapes the brand you are building. We use our wide experience to guide the process and we sweat the smallest detail. You have input on drafts. You see design come together. You influence the direction we take. In the end, our collaboration creates clarity.

We build clarity amid the modern media frenzy. We make the work that you do easier to find and to understand. We create function and beauty with your design. We create design that feels familiar, looks fresh and is stalwart in its representation of you.

We shrink the space between you and who you are trying to reach. Our job is to bring you into clear focus, to organize the elements of what you do in the most concise way possible. Here’s how:

1. RESEARCH / One on one meetings. Careful study. Connecting at the root level of what the goal of the project is before we begin. SGD seeks out the objectives of the client first.

2. ENGAGE / We hear what’s being said and clarify the goals. We connect with the client, the culture of a client’s brand and the design language that’s been used in the past.

3. DESIGN / We create connection in design between the place a client is and the place they want to be. We work to make every point clear.

4. DEPLOY / If it doesn’t work in real life, the most artful concept isn’t useful. We deploy design solutions throughout our work to ensure that it functions and connects the client.


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